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How to better use fingerprint drawer lock

27 May 2023

When using the fingerprint drawer lock, there are several points that you should pay attention to:

Research the different brands and models of fingerprint drawer locks available on the market. Look for reviews, ratings, and comments from customers who have already used them.

Read the product instructions carefully, pay attention to factors such the number of fingerprints that can be registered, the type of batteries support, and the lock material quality.

Test if the lock is compatible with your specific drawer or cabinet. You should measure the size and shape of the drawer or cabinet before purchasing a lock which you like.

How to better use fingerprint drawer lock

Learn to install the lock. Following the instructions provided by the manufacturer and make sure you have all the required tools for installation.

Keep your fingers clean and dry when registering fingerprints to avoid unclear or incorrect recognition.

Tell to family members not to change the registered fingerprints or passwords at will, to avoid confusion or security risks.

If fingerprint locks that are not used for a long time, it is recommended to turn off the switch and store the lock body and battery separately.

The battery life of the fingerprint lock is limited, and the battery should be replaced in time when the power is low. Some fingerprint locks will prompt low battery power by LED lights or sounds.

Fingerprint drawer lock should be installed in a relatively stable position to avoid impact or compression.

If the user's fingers are injured or scratched, suggest you wait for recovery before using the fingerprint lock to avoid affecting the fingerprint recognition effect.

Fingerprint drawer lock are susceptible to malfunctions or cannot work well in humid environments or where the temperature is too high, so they should avoid being used in such environments for extended periods of time.

Fingerprint locks need regular maintenance to prevent the use effectiveness from being affected due to dust accumulation or other reasons.

Fingerprint furniture lock in daily use should pay attention to protect their privacy information, do not disclose the password or fingerprint information to others.

In case of fingerprint identification failure or other abnormal situations, it is recommended to consult the manufacturer's customer service or professional maintenance institutions in time.

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Originally published 27 May 2023, updated 27 May 2023.

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