About Qidots

Foshan Qidots Security Technology Co., Ltd. as the pioneer, OEM/ODM manufacturer and leader of fingerprint furniture lock, we specialize in the innovation, development and manufacture of intelligent locker locks, cabinet locks and drawer locks for 25 years. Products are mainly used in three major areas: commercial field; public field; home field.

Locks adapt to the storage needs of modern office environment, enterprise management, commercial services, institutions and schools, public safety, fitness and medical care, leisure and entertainment and family life, with functions such as safe storage and intelligent management. Locks can be installed on various products such as office cabinets, filing cabinets, staff cabinets, lockers, closets, bedside cabinets, cabinets, dressers, lockers, safes, safes, industrial and commercial chassis and cabinets, etc. We have customers all over the global market. As a national high-tech enterprise in China, we will provide smart office and home smart life security storage solutions with products and technologies that meet various international certifications and specifications.

Qidots Team