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How to deal with E-key and fingerprint can't unlock cabinet lock F118

24 Nov 2022

Deal with the cabinet lock F118 can’t be unlock by E-key and fingerprint, please confirm the battery power, Check the E-key and cabinet lock socket.






1. Use the brush to clean the socket.

2. Confirm the battery power. If the battery is too low, the cabinet lock panel and lock body haven’t reaction. Please connect the move power supply, then try to unlock it.

3. Check the E-key and cabinet lock socket. If the E-key and cabinet lock socket poor contact, please confirm the E-key insert tight or not. The cabinet lock socket has been destroy or not.

4. If the fingerprint is well and battery power is full. It can’t be unlock, please contact customer service.

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Originally published 24 Nov 2022, updated 24 Nov 2022.

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