How to deal with F040 cabinet lock install to double cabinet door

26 Aug 2022

It is six measures to deal with F040 cabinet lock install to double cabinet door, ensure the hole location, link the lock case, install the lock baffle and so on.


Installation drawing sticker


Cross screw drill bits, No.16 drilling bit, Electric drill


1. Use the 16 mm drill to ensure the hole location by sticker.

2. Place the F040 cabinet lock wire through the hole, then fixed it. Take the baffle, using the screw fixed lock case and baffle , following the situation to fix the baffle with cabinet door panel.

3. Link the lock panel wire to the lock case, fixing it to the cabinet door panel by screw.

4. Put the battery to the lock case.

5. Place the rule in the middle of lock tongue, close the cabinet door to test the lock catch location. Use rule to measure cabinet door panel and lock case total width. In order to ensure the lock catch last installation place. After all the steps, instal the lock catch.

6. Install the lock baffle in the other cabinet door panel.

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Originally published 26 Aug 2022, updated 26 Aug 2022.

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