How to finish the steps about BF19 cabinet lock installation

16 Sep 2022

There are 3 steps to install F BF19 cabinet lock to the drawer, plug the lock catch in lock body, ensure lock body install place, lock body install measures.




Electric drill, cross drill, pencil, location sticker, ruler


1. Plug the lock catch in lock body.

2. Sure the lock catch location of left and right. Use the pen to mark in the drawer. Take the lock body parallel to drawer, ensure the lock body installation place. Use the pen to circle painting the lock body place area.

3. Tear off the sticker, paste the lock body to the drawer panel. Place the batteries into the lock body. Twist the screws, prevent the batteries fall off. Twist tight the lock catch to measure size. Ensure the lock catch installation depth. Tear off the sticker, then fixing the lock catch. Use the drill to fixing the lock catch screw. Paste the sense mark.

Keywords: cabinet lock

Originally published 16 Sep 2022, updated 16 Sep 2022.

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