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How to re-bundling new E-key after the cabinet lock F118 E-key lose

09 Jan 2023

After E-key lose, re-bundling the cabinet lock F118 new E-key has three steps, you should clean socket, insert the E-key, then pull out the E-key.






1. Clean socket by brush.

2. After supply new E-key, try to insert the E-key to the socket. If this step haven’t any reaction, please use the registered finger long click the sensor after insert the E-key until the red light on. The E-key successful bundling.

3. After pull out the E-key, you should insert the E-key, then use any fingerprint to unlock, if it can unlock, successful bundling.

Keywords: cabinet lock

Originally published 09 Jan 2023, updated 09 Jan 2023.

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