How to replace the traditional lock to safe lock S070

30 Aug 2022

It is said that, there are four parts to replace the tradition lock to Qidots safe lock S070, open gun cabinet, dismantle the safe lock, lock case installation.


Installation drawing sticker


Tool pliers, Cross screw drill bits, Electric drill


1. After open the gun cabinet, disassemble the cabinet door cover screw.

2. Find out the iron pillar with spring from the lock case, lift up then tilt place. Dismantle the baffle which connect with lock case. Pull out the nail of fixed lock cylinder. Rotating twist connecting knob. Detach buckle, disassemble the screw which fixed of lock case. Detach the lock case, remove the cover of fixed panel screw. Then remove the cover.

3. Make the safe lock which want to install directed at buckle. Connect the electric wire, place the panel another side through the hole. fixed the lock case to the cabinet door with hexagonal screwdriver. Remove the two sides of lock case screws, pad the baffle of screws. Install the lock case baffle again, adjust iron pillar place then put it down.

4. Take out the panel pedestal, through the wire to the hole, install fixed pedestal screw. Make the plug connect to the panel, take out the battery buckle then install the battery buckle. Follow the fingerprint panel direction to the twist 45° to the right, make the cabinet lock panel tight.

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Originally published 30 Aug 2022, updated 30 Aug 2022.

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