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How to within 3 steps to unlock the cabinet lock F071

28 Jul 2022

Unlock the cabinet lock F071 within 3 steps is so easy, it is worth noting that unlock should following the sounds and light remind the code right or not.






1. Take the towel to making the lock become without dirt.

2. Enter the right code then click “OK” turn the knob to unlock. Successful unlock, green light on, with the “didi” 2 sounds remind. Unlock fail, red light on, with the “dididi” 3 sounds remind. After unlock, If haven’t turn the knob, the lock will lock after 5s.

3. User can use the mechanical key unlock the cabinet lock when they forget the code, then user can set new code again.

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Originally published 28 Jul 2022, updated 28 Jul 2022.

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